Here are a few images and videos from my 2nd year group project at the NCCA Bournemouth.

I was the creator and Director of the project. I was also the main concept artist, camera animator and I created the main corridor environment (Maya, Photoshop). I also used Nuke for compositing on the project.

I also made/designed the main 'Hero' character (which I created and retopologized in Zbrush, rigged in Maya for Motionbuilder and textured in ZBrush using polypainting and Spotlight for ZBrush 4). I also animated the hero and animated some shots of the creature (creature model made by Dawid Skrodzki).

Due to the fact that the mocap data we recorded at Bournemouth was too corrupted to use roughly 50% of the data was unusable. Because of this had to blend the data with keyframe animation techniques using Motionbuilder and Maya.

I would say the main thing I came away with from this experience was that mocap is certainly no 'quick fix'. In hindsight, with all the issues I had with mocap it most probably would have been quicker, easier (and less stressful) had I animated the characters by hand. You win some you lose some I guess!

Also, part way into the project we lost two members of the group that decided to leave the course, this meant that we had to work quickly to cover areas they were supposed to be working on. Lots of caffeine was involved in this project!

All in all it was a great experience and having played with Motionbuilder some more I know how powerful mocap can be with clean data.

The lovely polished skull was also made by me in zbrush.

Here is the final project:

Untitled from Anthony Minto on Vimeo.